Our team of professionals is committed to serving our guests to offer them an exceptional vacation discovery and memories in Mauritius. We believe in our capacity to become the best in our field while preserving the well-being of our most precious resource: our team. At WEDDINGLUX, we place utmost importance on the well-being of our employees and the balance between work and personal life, recognizing this as a key factor in their daily motivation.

Our core values, which guide our corporate culture, include striving for excellence to achieve a top-tier level of service while celebrating our collective successes, with humility

Our mission:
We are shaping a leading Destination Wedding in Mauritius, offering exceptional Wedding Services, superior service, and a close relationship with our guests, in order to create unforgettable Wedding experiences.

Our vision:
Our aim is to position ourselves as the ‘Mauritian best friend’ of our guests, enabling them to experience exceptional Wedding in Mauritius.