In Mauritius, Church Weddings can be held in both English and French. It is up to you to decide in which of the romantic churches you would like to get married, as each has its own unique charm. Please note that for the preparation of a church wedding in Mauritius, a processing time of 4 to 5 months should be taken into account due to the long postal routes. 

In Mauritius, an incredible wedding ceremony is possible all year round. This heavenly jewel in the Indian Ocean offers a unique setting for your wedding and the following honeymoon with its white sandy beaches, the crystal clear waters and mild temperatures throughout the year. In Mauritius, weddings can be held in English, as well as in French. You decide yourselves in which of the Roman Catholic or Protestant churches you want to get married, as each offers its own charm.

For a Catholic wedding, we recommend the chapel of Cap Malheureux. It is located only a few kilometres from Grand Bay and is one of the most photographed monuments in Mauritius. This spot offers a great view of the three small northern islands – Round Island (Ile Ronde), Flat Island (Ile Plate) and Gunner’s Quoin (Coin de Mire). The picturesque monument accommodates around 70 people.

  • Pre-nuptial inquiry
  • Nihil obstat
  • Both baptismal certificates
  • Dispensation (states that you are free to marry in the Catholic Church)

In order to get married in Mauritius in a Catholic way, you must already be married civilly. You can also realize your dream of getting married civilly in Mauritius, because the civil marriage certificate only has to be presented on the day of the religious wedding. You can therefore get married civilly only the day before the religious wedding.

Breathtaking locations and the possibility to organize and experience different ceremonies according to your own ideas will make couples and guests shine. Contact us for pricing information.

Let us know your wishes and we will advise you on the most appropriate venue. The possibilities are vast in Mauritius. 

Church wedding Package

  • This Package is available for Roman Catholic Civil Wedding.
  • Available for all Nationalities.
  • Availaible all over Mauritius.
  • Package available for Couple and Group of Guests.