Mauritius is one of the most popular exotic wedding destinations of the world. If you are looking for a legal wedding in Mauritius and do not know where to start with all the administrative procedures. Look no where else, this is our field of expertise. We will handle your application, do the follow-up , accompany you once you are in Mauritius for the final procedures and deliver your apostille wedding certificate. For once, it will be a fun day for administrative procedures while also discovering the Capital streets of Mauritius.


The civil wedding is the legal foundation of love and the prerequisite for a legally valid marriage in your home country. The civil marriage of foreign couples in front of a Mauritian registrar is permitted in Mauritius and subsequently registered in all member states of The Hague Convention. The marriage certificate is stamped with the official authority stamp (Apostille) in Mauritius and this document must be presented to the registry office in your home country to make the marriage legal there as well. Read more about the required documents for a civil wedding in Mauritius.

And we’ve made it easier for you by offering your ready made Wedding Packages which will help you to save time and planning for your wedding in Mauritius. We will guide you throughout and will get everything organized for you.