It is not just a wedding. It is an escape. A romantic escape on a faraway islet to exchange vows, rings and precious moments in a piece of Paradise. It is your dreamlike wedding coming true…on a Private Island, a sandy secluded haven off the coast of the Island of Mauritius.

Imagine… Tying the knot on the sandy beach  with your family and friends by your side and the sky and sea alive with azure tints in the Indian Ocean…It may sound like fantasy, but with WeddingLux, your dream wedding can become a reality without the stress or bureaucratic red tape that couples can often experience elsewhere.

Stunning views of the ocean will offer you the perfect backdrop for your fairytale wedding. It has everything you could possibly ask for-ultimate intimacy on a deserted private island.

This captivating destination will sweep you away on winding paths through the woods to a quiet place under a palm tree or a scenic spot near the ocean.

It is simply perfect for your dream wedding with a laid-back island twist.

Private Island wedding Package

  • This Package is available for Civil Wedding and Symbolic Wedding.
  • Available for all Nationalities.
  • Availaible all over Mauritius.
  • Package available for Couple and Group of Guests.